The Nursing Home and our Elderly Care Center in Şişli started its activities in 2012, which is located at the center in terms of transportation, has 64 bed capacity and serves in our 7-storeyed modern building. The entire building is made available to be ovserved for 24 hours a day via the internet. The approximately 75 m2 winter garden was made available for both winter and summer use. One chronic intensive care room with 4 beds, 13 rooms with 3 beds, 10 rooms with 2 beds, 1 room with single bed are rendered to service of our guests with 64 bed capacity in our institution. In our institution working usually with 100% occupancy rate. Our institution, which is professionally equipped with a 35 m2 industrial kitchen, serves 3 main meals and 3 snacks; In our institution where all medicine and healt situation follow-ups are conducted by our 4 geriatric nurses at night and day, 25 elderly care specialists, 1 administrative staff and 1 cleaning staff are employed. Doctors, ambulances and laboratory services are met by the professional institutions we deal with. Our institution is administered by Kaya GEDİKLİ  who is a social worker specialist, Expert Psychologist and Retired Colonel. Our medical follow-ups are conducted by our Institutional Doctors who are Internal Medicine Specialist Sermet SAĞIR and Neurology Specialist Tülay YETKİN. Social and cultural programs are being implemented for the full life of the guests’ time.


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