Our History

Asude is the most important principle of service to human that we learned and received within the family in which we were living and grown-up, it existed as a result of philosophy and nurture and became an organization with the participation of 1 doctor, 1 pharmacist, 1 business manager and 1 nurse in order to be a light for elders in our country by providing the first official structure in patient and elder care at home in the year of 1998 with the feeling and realizing the loneliness on our elders as a consequence of urbanization and globalization due to technology. Asude gives 100% confidence by addressing all sections of the society in need such as government executives, businessmen who need home care. In 2004, in Beylerbeyi Üsküdar, a 32 patient-capacity mansion with a 3-storeys, has been operating as the Asude 1 Nursing Home and Elderly Care Center in order to provide care for our locals with the incentives of our customer portfolio, since we believe that foreign nationals ladies gave nursery care at homes and since we could not know who they are, we started to give service in our own center.

Since the master’s thesis of our twins who did master’s degree in Harvard University, U.S.A in 2007 was Elderly Care and Nursing Homes, we researched which types of buildings and methods are used in nursing homes and elderly care throughout the World and we bought a land of 13.000 sqm within a forestry area in Istanbul and the construction of a nursing home and elderly care center was designed and commenced in 2008. 65% of these construction works have been completed up-to-day. In the year of 2012, in order to meet the intensive demand towards Asude 1, we took a break in nursing home project and started working in December 2012 in the center of Istanbul, Şişli-Mecidiyeköy with 64-bed capacity as a nursing home and elderly care center.