Self Care Services

While healthy individuals meet their needs by themselves, elderly individuals may need help of another person. Since it is not possible for elderly people to fully meet their self-care, it is necessary to get support from professional institutions and professional staff. Self-care is important for every individual as well as for the elderly and individuals who are confined to bed. Self-care needs to be done regularly in order to protect and maintain the health of elderly individuals. It is necessary to position the bedridden elderly regularly under the supervision of a nurse. If they are not in a regular position, the risk of bed wounds increases. Following up the position, should be done regularly to remove this risk and to protect the skin integrity of elderly individuals. The nursing home personal care practices that elderly individuals need to do for themselves are:

Hand Care: After entering the toilet, it is necessary to wash the hands frequently and regularly before and after the meal, when coming from the outside.

Foot Care: Foot problems need to be dealt with on a daily basis as walking problems and difficulty in moving.

Nail Care: Nail care should be done every week before bathing. The most important thing is to prevent the bacteria that will form between the nails.

Perine (Genital) Care: As various body wastes, urine and feces are thrown from this area, hygiene of this area needs to be paid more attention. If care is not routinely done, it leads to kidney, urinary tract and intestinal infections.

Hair care: Elderly people with hormonal diseases, stress, aging, infection and some medicines can disrupt hair health. In every bathroom, hair should be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water. While the bath of the elder patients who are bedridden shall be made in their bed, hair care should be done with dry shampooed bathing caps.

Oral Care: Older individuals should brush their teeth or prostheses regularly. The dentures should be placed in the cleansing water every night so that they do not have problems such as oral infections, canker sores, aphthae.

Eye Care: The burrs formed in the eye should be cleaned regularly with the help of a cotton cloth every day. It is not possible to prevent infection in the eyes if cleaning is not done regularly.

Ear Care: The dirt that accumulates in the outer ear should be cleaned with the help of a sterile gauze pad filled with fingers instead of ear pads.

Nose Care: The nasal secretions should be cleaned with a soft handkerchief. If it is not cleaned, dryness in the nose causes crusting and negatively affects respiration.

Body and Skin Care: It has lost its elasticity in old age and the ratio of sagging skin increases. As the age progresses, dark colored specks form cracks due to the foundation. To prevent this, it is necessary to constantly moisturize and maintain.