Post-Intensive Care Services

Elder patients who are followed-up in intensive care services in hospitals and discharged when they become stabilized but who still needs respiratory and nutrition support and elder patients with cancer who are at terminal period are cared in our İstanbul Şişli Branch with central oxygen and vacuum system..

Follow-ups of our elders who have to use medical ventilators and have to be fed with naso-gastric catheter or PEG under the control of Neurologist and Internal Disease Specialist of our institution are made by Geriatric Nurses and their self-cares are made by Elderly Care Personnel in our institution. General health conditions of our nursing home guests are properly and regularly shared with their relatives after making tests for vital findings.

Self-care for our patients is made professionally as keeping the patient under hygienic conditions in order not to have any bedsores and they are positioned differently in each few hours. Wound care of our elder patients who come to our institution with bedsores are made by our nursing home personnel.