Medical Services

It is possible to set elderly care services that are rendered to our guests staying in our Private Nursing Home and Elderly Care Centers under three main titles:

•Medical Follow-up

•Socio-Psychological Support Services

•Self-Care Services

In our institution, Medical Follow-up Services start before the elderly’s acceptance stage. If the patient comes from an elderly health institution, a healthcare worker should go to the hospital where the elderly is treated and get healthy information from the doctor of the hospital, to get reports about the presence of contagious diseases before the departure of the hospital, whether they are addicted to drugs, and if the patient is using disposable underpads or medical materials or medicines continously, it is ensured that they are reported. If the patient have to be brought from hospital by an ambulance to our nursing home, we will provide private ambulance to come to our institution in a safe way.

If the patient comes from his/her own house, he / she is first visited by the Social Worker and a Nurse at home, the general condition and psychological condition are determined and reported to the institution.

In the process of acceptance of the elderly to our institution, a medical file belonging to the elder is created by our health personnel. In this file, recent epicrisis, analysis, report and health information are processed and general situation is determined.

In our institution, stay reports that are required in the acceptance phase and the necessary analyzes to see the current situation in the acceptance phase are requested, the elderly bath is made on the same day or the next day, the physical examination is made by the nurse and this information is presented to our institution doctors.

After this phase, health care follow-ups in our institution are followed by our physicians and health personnel. Medicines are prescribed by our physicians, medication follow-up is made by our institution geriatric nurses. In addition, our geriatric nurses determine the general situation of the elders, prepare elders for examination, make routine and extra surveys and report the results to our physicians.

The most important issue here is that healthcare professionals have knowledge of age-related geriatric diseases and neurological diseases of a certain age (geriatric), and that they are prohibited from giving any medicines without my doctor’s knowledge.

The private laboratory, which is prepared with all kinds of sub-structures, is also performed in the analysis, imaging centers, fast and proper examination procedures in private hospitals, in coordination with the elderly relatives, and if necessary, patient transfers are carried out with the private ambulance company with the control and instruction of the Institutional Doctors.

Transfer of patients are accompanied by our nursing home personnel to the hospital who are transferred by doctors of our institution, our personnel return to their job after the relative of patients shall come to hospital.