Extra Health Services

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Family and Social Politics; services which shall be rendered by Private Nursery Care and Elderly Care Centers are all stated and opportunity to use 112 Ambulance, Family Health Centers and State Hospitals free of charge is provided while rendering these services.

Since the average age of patients and guests in those centers is approximately 80, it is determined that public services are not satisfying in response to the guests who are sensitive in the manner of psychological and physiological conditions.

It is ensured to provide for our nursing home guests to be diagnosed quickly by making contracts with private laboratories especially for tests of our guests who must be followed up properly and in a routine and others whose general health conditions are changed immediately.

Private ambulance services with which we made contracts render services during the transfer of our elders in discharging from hospitals to our centers and from our centers to private hospitals during which state ambulance services shall not be rendered.

We receive imaging services from corporate imaging centers and private hospitals in order to get quick responses in reasonable conditions when we could not receive any services from state hospitals.

Neurologists and Internal Disease Specialists who works within the scope of our institution follow up and diagnose general health conditions of our elders and we receive health services in other departments from corporate hospitals with which we executed contracts.

Especially diabetes, bedsores and wound care are all followed-up and made by our medical personnel in our institution.

Application of Naso-Gastric Catheter and urethal sounding are made in our institution.

Since it is difficult for our guests to go to physiotherapy centers, Specialist Physiotherapist makes physiotherapy in our nursing home.