Professional Service

Our 20-year industry experience shows us that; struggling with the elderliness (Psychological, sociological) in the last two groups shall be more important to be dealth with rather than struggling with the elderliness (chronological, biological) in the first two groups. It is important to remember that people’s ages are always young at heart no matter how old they are. One of the services we offer is to perform our medical follow-up services professionally for our guests staying in our institution. Another service is to provide our new guests with a maximum of 1 week of psychological support to ensure a peaceful and happy life by offering more confidence and a more comfortable environment than their own houses. One of the most important services we provide is to ensure our guests to live in a manner worthy of human dignity and to render self-care services professionally and to make them feel that they are all valuable. We carry out all these services with our 20 years experience.