In developed countries, it is observed that 45% of the elderly people over 65 years old live together with their peers in facilities far from the city center with wide social areas. As of today, 6.5 million elder people live in our country and we are the second fastest growing country in the world.  We see that their families are getting smaller and that an educated elderly population has increased, and therefore we see that elder people do not want to bother their children and have worried about living in security in our country. They say they do not want to be burdened because they know that their children are already living a stressful life and that they can not even spend time with their own children. We think that even this project will be inadequate in the future, considering that it is even late in such a project in a country that there shall be 22% old people in 2050 because it is a very serious elderly population who says that they want to live without burden for anyone due to their ages.